Inspiration for a new collection can come in any shape or form. For our Pre-Fall 18 collection, wehave taken inspiration from the always alluring women of the French capital – as well as the city itself.
We call it Pretty in Paris. Because…. Who doesn’t love Paris? They don’t call it the city of love for nothing. But, Paris is so much
more than a city for lovers. What we see in Paris, is the effortless chicness of the Parisian women and their entire way of life.
Tightly wrapped in her trench coat, she rides her bike along the Seine from the local flower market. Her basket is full of brightly colored flowers as she is heading home for a quick change of outfit, before going out with girls.

Fall is almost here and everywhere you can enjoy a palette going from late summer green over bright yellow to burning orange and red. All of it on a backdrop of baroque architecture. As daylight gives in to dusk, you can sense darkness approaching. With it, the sounds of Paris change. It seems as if, music just starts to stream out of every open window or door. Some still listen to Edith Piaf, others jazz and even European pop. Paris nightlife is about to take over the scene.
An intimate group of single girlfriends sipping bright red after-work cocktails, smoking long thin cigarettes, are sitting at their usual table, at their usual café. All of them with exactly the correct amount of attitude and red lipstick. Laughing without a care in the world and living their lives as if there is no

Up-and-coming artists sharing a plate of cheese, baguette and a bottle of red wine. Bragging about their next exhibition to one another. The soft patter of evening rain stopped by the dark red awnings hanging out from every café on the street.
Evening turns into pitch black night. But the city of Paris is still completely illuminated only waiting for the break of daylight, before the street lights are turned off.
The next morning you will see all of them, yet again on their bikes, heading towards the boulangerie of choice to pick up an assortment of croissants, pain au chocolat and maybe a to-go coffee. The red lipstick is gone, but the sexiness, attitude and sophistication remains the same.
They are considered the most stylish and chic women of the world – day and night – and we love them for it.