Please let us introduce, Mr. William Morris. Author of “The Earthly Paradise” and the primary inspiration for our Pre-Fall 19 collection. As the most celebrated designer of the 19th century, he developed an early affinity with historical romance and championed a principle of handmade production.

William Morris wished to be able to bring beautiful art into every household. He is famous for his visually rich designs – some would argue that he defined aesthetics – with a timeless appeal.

He envisioned and developed a world of finely decorated, highly detailed and exotic prints. We have been greatly inspired by this vision and incorporated it into our Pre-Fall 19 collection.

It’s a collection dominated by vintage flower prints – almost as if they came straight out of Grandma’s closet. A colour palette that incorporates Army Green, Harvest Gold, White, Nude, Black and our very own

“Very Berry” into one big beautiful medley.

This is the season where we prepare to go from a hot summer to an early fall. The season where the foliage is dark green, almost vibrating with anxiety, before the biological process makes it all turn colour.

First, into a warm and light yellow that we call “Harvest Gold” over to a burning orange.

This season is also about joy…

It’s about squeezing the last carefree laughs out of summer. You are still able to wear your summer dresses during daytime, just remember to bring a chunky mohair knit for the cooler nights.

It’s all about going on a little adventure with your girl friends – eloping from your busy schedules and enjoying the very last of the not-so-endless summer.

Scouting all the old secret gardens with their withered trees. Sneaking in and finding a makeshift venue for an impulsive garden party – solely illuminated by the numerous bulbs on a single wire.

It’s the very last chance to drink, dance and love under an open sky.

We call this collection “Le Jardin Secret” – The Secret Garden.

Please enjoy…

Creative Director
Sara Sode