A little party never killed nobody… 

It’s from the sound track of one of our all time favourite movies – The Great Gatsby. We love the way it depicts the roaring twenties.The prosperity, the high spirits and…

The parties. Dance floors filled with people kicking their feet to the sound of happy tunes.Champagne poured carelessly like there is no tomorrow.Reflections of light from crystal and gold chandeliers.

Too much was never enough. 

High heels are a must. 

For this season, we once again say ”goodbye cold winter”. Our mood brightens as we prepare for longer days. Soon, cascades of sun light will stream through our windows in a new, yet familiar way. 

We don’t want you to go Full Glam.

We love to Party Up & Tone Down in the same outfit.

Mixing mohair with chiffon or lurex with bouclé.

Whatever you do. Make sure you have fun and add some glam. 

We call this collection Rays of Light 

Please enjoy..