Creating a new collection, is always about emotions….
Trying to convey a message or putting feelings into words.
Our inspiration comes from the strong women that live a carefree life on the prairie and the colours of the sun-faded prairie itself.
They choose solitude and the intimate family life over an outgoing social life. They choose love and we salute them for it!
Looking at them, in their hand built wooden houses wearing their floral prints, sheer fabric dresses and high necklines gives us a deep feeling of romance and prairie chicness.

You can almost sense the calmness and silence…
The distant rattle of a lone snake
The whistling high grass in burnt yellow tones
The soft rumble of a strong galloping horse
A single tumbleweed gently making its way to wherever the wind blows
A winding river breaks the sweeping plains
All around, you spot flowers in shades of bright pink to powder rose hues as a contrast to the palecolours of the rugged mountain ranges
Embrace life
Embrace yourself
Embrace love
It’s A Love Story