For our SS19 collection we have found inspiration in the colourful city of Palm Springs the perfect setting for an ”All Girls” weekend getaway.

Here, you will instantly notice the hues of delicate pink, yellow and blue. From the striped parasols lining the swimming pools to the art deco facades of retro chic hotels. Palm trees reach for the sky, gently swaying in the California breeze.

The girl gang have left behind the hustle and bustle of LA to have a replenishing weekend of joy, laughter and late night dancing against a moonlit backdrop.

Roaming the streets of Palm Springs, allow yourself to linger at the former greatness of what once was. You can clearly feel the echoes of the glam, glitter and endless parties of the restless 50s.

An abundance of elegance is found here…

Allow yourself to soak the sun, let the architecture sink in and let the brightly coloured cocktails work

their magic.

To us, Palm Springs is ”Soul Fuel”.

Please enjoy…

Creative Director

Sara Sode